Osechi Ryori Cuisine Mail Order Ranking 2022! Mail order is the best for New Year’s clauses

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One of the essential things for New Year’s is “Osechi Ryori cuisine”, but how are you prepared?

It seems that there are many families to make in rural areas, but I think that most of them are purchased by booking at supermarkets and hotels.

Every year,Introducing luxurious esso dishes on TV and magazines
but,If you order mail order, you can order luxurious and delicious dishes as much as that.

On this page, I would like to introduce popular esso dishes in mail order as a recommended ranking.

If you haven’t made a reservation yet, please refer to this page!

Mail order is recommended if you want to order Osechi cuisine!

From the impression of high-end esetsu introduced on TV and magazines, it is easy to think that luxurious dishes are expensive, but luxury dishes that can be ordered by mail order are not so expensive.

Then the quality is bad, isn’t it? It is easy to think that it is rather high quality because of the large number of repeaters.

There are several reasons why high quality is achieved at a low price:

  • Because it is a specialty store, there is no loss
  • Because it is in-house cooking, there is no useless intermediate margin
  • Since mail order is the main, advertising expenses can be reduced.

Through the above-mentioned corporate efforts, many shops have realized high-quality luxury Osechi Ryori dishes at low prices.

How to choose Osechi dishes

I ordered Osechi Ryori dish by mail order, but it would be sad if I received a product that was disappointed different from what I expected.

In order not to make such a failure, I would like to introduce the points when ordering Osechi dishes by mail order.

  • Choose the right weight size and number of steps for your home
  • Check your cooking scores
  • See what ingredients you’re using
  • Check if it’s refrigerated or frozen
  • Book early at a popular shop

If you hold these points down, you will almost not fail.

Choose the right weight size and number of steps for your home

Oseshi Ryori dishes are in a box, but it is difficult to understand the size feeling because it is something that you do not usually use.

The size and number of steps of the esseshi restaurant heavy box are as follows.

Double layer 二段重 For 2-3 people 2~3人前
6.5 sun triple layer 6.5寸三段重 For 3-4 people 3~4人前
8.5 sun triple layer 8.5寸三段重(8寸) For 5-6 people 5~6人前
6.5 sun Six-step stacking layer 6.5寸六段重 For 7-8 people 7~8人前

Since it is a rough guide, it is also a good idea to choose a slightly larger size for families with many children and men who are eating well.

Check the number of dishes

There are few places that tell you the number of points of dishes at ordinary supermarkets and hotels, but you can order mail order esso dishes after checking the articles and scores in advance.

Because it is a special dish, let’s order it after confirming firmly in advance.

See what ingredients you’re using

As mentioned above, you can check the menu in advance for mail order esso dishes, so if you have any likes, dislikes or allergies, check first.

Check if it’s refrigerated or frozen 冷蔵か冷凍かを確認する

There are refrigerated and frozen products in mail order Osechi Ryori dishes.

If it is an area that arrives immediately from the shipment, you can refrigerate it, but if it takes time, you may choose frozen.

When choosing refrigeration, you can make it more delicious by choosing a place where quick freezing with the latest equipment is carried out as much as possible.

Book early at a popular shop 実績があるお店で早めに予約する

I remember a disappointing Osechi Ryori dish that was also in the news before, but such a shop has a solid track record in the past, and it is happening in a shop that does not have a solid evaluation.

If you are a restaurant specializing in Osechi Ryori cuisine, the possibility of such a thing happening is equal to zero, and you can use it with confidence.

Make sure you also check your customers’ voices and reviews.

New Year 2022 Popular Mail Order Osechi Ryori Ranking! 2022年お正月 人気の通販おせち料理ランキング

村上元彦シェフ完全手作り料理入り 生おせち白木三段重

多数のおせち料理が並ぶ楽天市場で何度もNo.1を獲得しているのがこちらの 村上元彦シェフ完全手作り料理入り 生おせち白木三段重 です。お料理の内容様々なおせち料理が用意されており、和食のみでなく洋風のおせち、冷蔵・冷凍のおせちも取り揃えているので、お子様が多いご家庭でも家族みんなで楽しむことができます!



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